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Ginger possesses a keen intuition both of herself and people and life around her. I was fortunate enough to spend time with her as she began her journey giving  pranatherapy sessions. During the session, I felt more relaxed than I remember feeling in a very long time and I use the breathing technique I was instructed to use during the session every day regardless of my stress level. Aside from the deep level of relaxation I felt during and after our session, something else happened later that was surprising yet completely welcome. What I experienced can only be described as a transcendental spiritual elevation within me that opened up some doorways in my psyche that I wasn’t even aware needed to be opened. I felt a noticeable spiritual reverberation that continued the rest of the night and into the next day. The following day my girlfriend and I had a long drive home and as I drove and listened to music I found myself subconsciously playing music that was very meaningful to me on a deep level and found myself experiencing further emotional and spiritual breakthroughs all day which related to life, loss, and love. Ginger is exceedingly gifted in her abilities, and I am completely grateful that she offered her services to me so that I could both reach a deep level of relaxation but also explore unprocessed trauma and deep feelings of gratitude afterward.          - Knoxville, TN 

I was going through a very difficult time. The session felt like a warm embrace and is helping me through this.                                        - Pennington, NJ

Ginger invited me to do pranatherapy with her last August in person when we were both traveling to New York City and we have kept up sessions remotely since. I’ve gotten a lot out of working with her in person and across time zones as I’ve been in a period of heavy grief from losing a beloved friend and heavy uncertainty related to my professional life over the last several months. Ginger is calm, loving, non judgmental and makes doing difficult things much easier. I strongly recommend anyone in transition or merely with a curiosity about their energetic mind body connection work with her.                                                                           - Austin, TX

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