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energy healing

what is pranatherapy?

Prana, the Sanskrit word for the invisible energetic life force or "vital principle," flows through our bodies and connects and animates everything in our universe. Pranatherapy is an energetic, or pranic, therapy technique that uses knowledge as ancient as humankind itself and is harnessed through the elemental and vital process of the breath. A pranatherapist manipulates the subtle energetic body with the aim of rebalancing a state of inner disharmony from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective. We will work together to assess your healing needs and to clear blocks accordingly.





what is a session with me like?

Plan to spend 60 minutes with me for a pranatherapy session and, optimally, sessions will take place in my home studio in Yardley, PA. During your session, you will relax in a comfortable chair and I will lead you into a deep state of relaxation, while I interact with your body's energy field to clear energetic blocks. Clients of mine enjoy receiving pranatherapy because "it's a highly meditative and relaxing experience." Another client shared that they "tend to be skeptical about those kinds of things but [they] absolutely experienced some kind of breakthrough." The benefit to you will be as unique as you are.


what is my pranic training?

Since 2021, I've undertaken studies in the School for Spiritual Healing at Damanhur University. In my 3rd and final year of study, I now offer in-person and remote pranatherapy sessions. My training through Damanhur University builds upon my ever-growing study and knowledge of human energetics and the body's innate capacity to heal itself. In addition to completing three years of study in pranatherapy, I possess a 200-hr yoga teacher certification, have over 240 yoga teaching hours, and hold a Reiki Level I certification with approximately 60 Reiki clients treated.


what is the investment?

I'm currently offer a free first session. If you are interested, I also would like to make your photographic portrait at the conclusion of your session. Subsequent sessions are set at a rate of $80 per session investment. (Cash, Venmo @GingerSmith108, or PayPal Thank you for taking these necessary steps in your personal wellness journey. I look forward to assisting you.

Ready to try pranatherapy with your FREE first session?

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Any offering (i.e., any technique, tool, perspective, or healing) shared are a form of exploration. NO CLAIMS are made and results cannot be guaranteed. Any offering is NOT given as a substitute for medical advice nor are they claimed as cures or remedies. It is NOT advised that you book a session with me if you are aware of any medical or psychiatric conditions that may impair your decision-making ability and understanding of the information provided. NO offering is intended as a replacement for medical care. It is expected and understood that all life choices you make are your own because you are responsible for your own decisions. Rates are subject to increase in accordance with my experience as a pranatherapist. 

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