what is pranatherapy?

Pranatherapy is an energetic therapy technique developed by the Italian philosopher and founder of the Damanhur Community, Falco Tarrassaco. Since 2021, I've undertaken studies in the School for Spiritual Healing at Damanhur University. After completing Year 1, I am now activated to offer in-person pranatherapy sessions to interested seekers. I do not offer remote sessions at this time. Plan to spend 20-30 minutes with me for a pranatherapy session. Optimally, sessions will take place in my home studio in Yardley, PA and are delivered at a rate of $20.00 per session. (Cash or Venmo @GingerSmith108)


My training through Damanhur University builds upon my ever-growing study and knowledge of human energetics and the body's innate capacity to heal itself. In addition to completing Year I with Damanhur, I possess a 200-hr yoga teacher certification, have over 160 yoga teaching hours, and hold a Reiki Level I certification. I look forward to assisting you on your personal journey.    ​

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located in Yardley, Pennsylvania

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Any offering (i.e., any technique, tool, perspective, or healing) shared are a form of exploration. NO CLAIMS are made and results cannot be guaranteed. Any offering is NOT given as a substitute for medical advice nor are they claimed as cures or remedies. It is NOT advised that you book a session with me if you are aware of any medical or psychiatric conditions that may impair your decision-making ability and understanding of the information provided. NO offering is intended as a replacement for medical care. It is expected and understood that all life choices you make are your own because you are responsible for your own decisions. Rates are subject to increase in accordance with my experience as a pranatherapist.