artist statement

I am a creator and a storyteller who focuses on spaces of hybridity. For me personally, photography has always been a visual system that I drew on in my life but I tend to push beyond the limitations of one single medium of expression. When I create, I am often considering the origins and implications of consciousness and the nature of our perception of time. Layers and intersections are the hallmark of the way I express myself and move in the world, in particular where disparate ideas or fields of study overlap. My daily practice entails creating light and space - a testament to the etymological origin of photography, "writing with light," as well as creating a sense of space in one's consciousness and body through metaphysical practices.  I believe the breath is our most potent asset. It's all about the slow exhale.  


hello there. pause.
take an intentional breath in. now.
exhale twice as long as you inhaled. observe.
you are the artist of your human experience. repeat.
this is the slow exhale.

ginger smith creative, llc