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Artist and Energy Intuitive

I'm so happy you're here!


We are artists of our human experience, shaping our reality with each thought and emotion. Since I've awoken to this deep understanding, I've come to see that I'm here to support others in their ascension journey. 

I was born a curious and sensitive child who was aware of my connection to Spirit. However life's circumstances had me following a few circuitous paths that, in retrospect, shaped me into multi-passionate artist and healer that I am now. When I was in the thick of it, I felt truly lost!

My heart was chasing connection but my mind saw it through the lens of chasing success. I ended up following several careers and diverse paths of study: journalism, teaching, assessment development, art and art history, photography, cataloging and databases, an academic gallery (you get the point). Some of my career meanderings and curiosities led me to study art history for a long period, which ended in me earning a doctorate and working as an Art Historian for nearly 3 years. My PhD ended up being both my unraveling as well as my salvation---it spurred my spiritual awakening in 2018. I had become miserable in my life and had begun to feel murmurings in my heart, wondering if there was a way off of the dharmic wheel. I sensed that there was more for me but I didn't know where to begin.

With some trepidation, I listened to my intuition and enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. Looking back, I am grateful for each step on the path that has led me to this point. After teaching yoga for a year, I became curious about the unified field of energy that I could sense while interacting with my students. From there, I have pursued the study and practice of energetic healing. 
Now, I am a serious spiritual seeker. I continue to teach, to create art, and I am stepping into my new role as an intuitive healer.  

Experience the Transformative Power of Healing through Art and Energy Work
Ginger Smith, PhD


- BS in Journalism from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

- MS in Education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

- MA in Art History from Boston University

- PhD in Art History from Boston University

Training and Certifications

- Yoga Alliance Certified (RYT 200 Hr) Yoga Teacher

- 240 Yoga Teaching Hours

- Reiki Level I

- Pranatherapy for Spiritual Healing (3 year track) - Damanhur University

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Why studio? A studio is a space to enjoy and to sit and explore your curiosity. The word comes from 'studium' (it's Latin) and it denotes a space to practice art or to experiment and apply one's studies. My studio is devoted to creating art and healing.  

ginger smith creative, llc

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