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Creating in both analog and digital imaging, my work is an intentional exploration of light and space – relating both to the etymology of photography, "writing with light," as well as to my study of metaphysical practices for the body. Breathwork is a potent asset for producing dynamic outcomes in our reality. Using the rhythm of the breath, I place consciousness and our perception of time at the center. I am curious about intersections in life—those in between areas—or, like the Venn diagram's center, where disparate ideas overlap and blend. Often, the more closely we examine a line of demarcation or a border, we discover that things are not so finite. In yogic breathing, this liminal space is known as "kumbhaka"--the moments of breath retention where the inhale or exhale is suspended. This is where I find inspiration: in those kumbhaka moments of our shared experience. 

artist statement

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