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light economy


When I was a girl I would lie in the grass on my back to feel the earth spin. Things made sense to me when I was still, gazing upward, sensing the celestial movements that we are conditioned to tune out. Playing the part of intense observer put me in touch with a deeper knowledge of the me behind the me.


During these intense moments of observation, I began to notice tweaks in my perception. Glimpses of light spheres would dance across my field of vision in hypnotic flows. “What are those?” I inquired, but no one seemed to understand my meaning. I fancied the spheres were spirits or angels floating just beyond our view.

In time I began to repress my perception of the lights, perhaps to protect myself. I had completely closed myself off from the metaphysical until a few years ago. Coming to perceive the lights again has been an intense remembering for me: playful, comforting, and expansive.  

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