Ginger Smith is a life-long creative who is on a mission to help everyone who crosses her path live more authentically. She learned firsthand the joys of losing hours in the darkroom during her first analog photography class in 1999. Since then, she has been in love with making images and learning more about creative processes. In her view, crafting objects by hand provides a special kind of unmatched, harmonious magic. Anyone who makes things wields their own innate magical powers! 


Ginger studied fine art and photography in Nashville and art history in Boston. She possesses graduate degrees in education and art history and has twenty years cumulative work experience in education, visual art, and museums. She’s also a mom to two boys who are incredible teachers to her just as she tries to be the same for them. She characterizes herself as a conscious artist, as the content in her work is often aimed at healing and elevating consciousness. Her work involves creative play across representational systems, blending images, language, and bodies in motion to explore many aspects of the human experience. She refers to these intersections as creating light and space - a testament to the etymological origin of photography, "writing with light," as well as creating a sense of space in one's consciousness and body through metaphysical practices. She currently works in both digital and analog photography as well as other media. 

As a practicing artist, Ginger enjoys connecting art and visual culture to the physical forms of our bodies in motion. Movement and connection have always played a central role in Ginger’s life and yoga seemed like a good practice to begin when she became pregnant with her first son in 2010. Imagine her surprise when she noticed enormous shifts occurring in her mind as well as in her body! Her yoga practice deepened and she completed her first teacher training in 2018. She also holds a Reiki I certification.

Ginger’s daily home practice blends pranayama (breath work), meditation, asana (poses), and energy healing and her classes reflect this breadth. Her “all levels” approach in class is always to meet each student where they are by providing several options on the continuum of each asana. Her classes focus on present-moment awareness, our innate human creativity, and the benefits of extending our yoga practice into our daily lives. She believes every person is the artist of their human experience.  

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