“Be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence.” 
   — Minor White

Ginger Smith is an artist, photo editor, and yoga teacher who regards her curiosity and creativity as her most trusted dharmic guides. Since taking her first analog photography class in 1999, she has been in love with making images and learning more about creative processes. 


Ginger studied fine art and photography in Nashville and art history in Boston. She possesses graduate degrees in education and art history and has nearly twenty years cumulative work experience in education, visual art, and museums. She currently works in both digital and analog photography as well as other media, including paint, oil pastels, and watercolor. Through her art she aims to express feelings of presence and to reveal the illusion of boundaries and separateness. Ginger especially tries to tell the story of our shared human experience.

She began her yoga journey in the Iyengar tradition while searching for stillness in pregnancy in 2010. As a former gymnast and distance runner, she was delighted that yoga allowed her to access the same euphoria that she was accustomed to during intense exercise. Her practice deepened when she came to fully appreciate how yoga helps to navigate life’s turbulence beyond the mat. In 2018 she completed her first yoga teacher training in the Hatha Yoga tradition and obtained her Reiki I certification the following year.

As a practicing artist, Ginger enjoys connecting art and visual culture to the physical forms of our bodies in asana and she loves sharing the gift of yoga with any willing student. Both yoga and art are healing, sensorial modalities and she intentionally blends these sister practices in order to elevate consciousness within herself and others. Her classes are a blend of her inherent curiosity for life, focusing on present-moment awareness, our innate human creativity, and the benefits of extending our yoga practice into our daily lives. She encourages her students to love fiercely, let go of fear, and awaken to the spectacular truth of their inner selves.

Ginger offers professional photo editing services to private and commercial clients. She offers private and semi-private yoga sessions in her home studio. Feel free to connect using the link below.

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