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Ginger studied fine art and photography in Nashville and art history in Boston. She's a specialist in art since 1950, particularly the interface of art with science and technology in the contemporary period. Her published work has focused on the ways in which Southern California artists applied technology and industrial materials to their art practice and the phenomenal (and oftentimes post-studio) works that they produced. Ginger's broadly interested in hybridized elements of life and the areas where disciplines overlap, creating images in both digital and analog photography using her sizable collection of cameras. Currently she teaches photography and design at an independent school in Newtown, PA.

Ginger also serves her community as a yoga teacher and studies the potential of human energetics. She is a third-year student of spiritual healing and physics at Damanhur University in Northern Italy. Her daily home practice blends pranayama (breath work), meditation, asana (poses), and energy work; her yoga classes reflect this breadth. In class, her “all levels” approach is always to meet each student where they are by providing several options for asana modification. Her classes focus on present-moment awareness and the benefits of extending our yoga practice into our daily lives.

Ginger is an experienced fine art photographer, art historian, and researcher who has developed tests for Advance Placement (AP) in Art History, curated art history visual resources, and helped manage an academic art gallery. She has seven years' cumulative teaching experience from elementary school through university. She thrives on sharing knowledge, building community, and encountering the unexpected in her travels.  



hello, friend. pause.
take an intentional breath in. now.
exhale twice as long as you inhaled. 
bask in the ebb and flow of your breath. repeat.
this is the slow exhale.

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