need professional photo editing or retouching services?

Look no further - I am a photo editing and retouching professional who loves the editing process and bringing out the nascent splendor within any image.

My editing experience is grounded in my art school training in analog photography, where I manipulated both black and white as well as color photographic images in the dark room. From there I transitioned into using digital imaging software to edit digital scans of analog film and digital capture photos. With over a decade of experience using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, I'm prepared to work with you to deliver expert level editing and retouching services for all of your imaging needs.

Below are examples of original capture and final edited images. Final images are framed in gray.  


final image


final image

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located in Yardley, Pennsylvania

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  • My rate for image editing and retouching is $60/hour.

  • Generally, quotes for editing will run between $10 and $60 per image, depending on the level of correction/manipulation required. Basic image correction will be in the $10-$25 range per image. Heavy retouching and manipulation will be in the $25-$60 range per image.

  • Each job will require sharing the image(s) for review and consultation with the Client before a quote can be provided.

* All quotes for editing projects include 6% Pennsylvania sales tax.

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