create light and space

hello there.


take an intentional breath in.


exhale twice as long as you inhaled.


you are the artist of your human experience.


this is the slow exhale.

Ginger Smith is an artist, photo editor, and yoga teacher who lives in Yardley, Pennsylvania. This site showcases her analog and digital photography, her photo editing and retouching services, and her continued study and practice of Hatha yoga. Her work involves creative play across representational systems, blending images, language, and bodies in motion to explore many aspects of the human experience. She refers to these intersections as the art of light and space - a testament to the etymological origin of photography, "writing with light," as well as creating a sense of space in one's consciousness and body through metaphysical practices. If you're interested in original fine art giclée prints, visit her art store.
ginger smith creative, llc

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